To make the PCS happen, we need YOU!

We are looking for people willing to help us in different ways. Hereunder you will find a list of these different volunteering tasks along with small descriptions. If you feel like doing some of these tasks, please contact us at and tell us your contact details, which task you’d like to do, when you will be available, and if you need accommodation in Bonn!

  1. helping out with the interpreting technique (around 20 people needed):

you don’t need to be a technician, just to help the technicians to install the material and distribute the receivers to the audience before each panel, and then help gather the receivers and demount the technique. It would be nice if you would be willing to do this during the whole PCS, so that you know how it goes and the technicians don’t have to show you each time new

  1. helping out with information distribution and logistics at the spots (around 20 people needed)

lots and lots of people will be in Bonn; sleeping, eating and programm – everything will be decentralized … that is great because you get to know a city but on the other hand its also overwhelming – you can be one of the persons who make it much easier for others! join in and be at one of the information desks (either at the main spot or at the different programm locations)!

  1. helping out with the accomodation of the participants (around 5 – 10 people needed):

it means being the contact person for one big accomodation during PCS. There will be different places where a lot of participants will sleep (such as churches, schools, etc.). They need one (or two) persons to be the contact person for any problem and you would also have a look daily for the accomodation (maybe also sleep there?) to see if everything is ok. For this task it is better if you speak german. You may introduce yourself to the partner of the accomodation a few days in advance.