Sunday 5.11., Start: 6 pm
Place: IGS Beuel

Climate justice is much more than a technical reduction of CO2-emissions – we need a sweeping transition of society. On this panel we will explore: How can we find an inspiring vision for a society based on caring for the planet and each other? What can we learn from positive examples around the world? How do we break out of our own single-issue„silos“ and connect for a common movement? What are important leverages and alliances to realize this change, to which physical places do we need to take our protest?

Speakers: Lidy Nacpil (Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development), N.N. (Indigenous Environmental Network), Jutta Sundermann (Aktion Agrar), Christiane Kliemann (Degrowth Network, Transition Bonn), Magdalena Heuwieser (System Change not Climate Change)

Moderation: Daniel Mittler (Greenpeace International)