Agroecology & climate change: clarifying principles, showing impact

In a context that sees stakeholders multiplying alliances and initiatives on climate & agriculture that are “inspired” by or referring to agroecology in a way that allows business as usual to be green-washed, it is more than ever needed to have a clear understanding of what is (and what is not) agroecology and how it contributes to the fight for climate justice and food sovereignty in the context of sustainable development.

At a time when governments are formulating their national action plans in order to fulfill their responsibilities under the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, we want to show through concrete examples and experiences the potential of peasant agroecology to fight climate change, increase resilience and ensure the human right to adequate food. This will allow us to “ground” our discussions and help us reach our objective of clarifying the principles to which agroecology should be consistent with. By providing concrete policy recommendations we will aim at supporting people and governments in developing a transition of food systems and to set objectives, goals and targets that go beyond the ones set in the Paris Agreement.

The event gives the opportunity for a diverse range of actors to share and discuss experiences, information and views on agroecology and the issues that are at stake (climate change & sustainable development): peasants and other small scale food producers including the fisherfolk, social movements, CSOs, academics, institution representatives and UNFCCC negotiators.