Converging for Just Transition – Building local living economies – Cooling the planet together

Just Transition is a framework for a fair and sustainable shift to a regenerative economy through real solutions to climate change that chart a path towards more democratic, ecologically rooted economies. Just Transition grew out of the environmental justice movements and worker movements, where the struggles from impacted communities against coal mines, oil refineries, and dirty energy extraction are often met with direct opposition by workers who depend on these industries to survive. Just Transition campaigns around the world are fighting the worst manifestation of extraction, militarism, and pollution, while also advancing real alternatives for both energy production and economic self-determination so that livelihood cannot be pitted against health or the environment. This workshop will deepen discussion around what Just Transition means when grounded in the leadership and experiences of Indigenous Peoples, peasants, fence-line communities, and frontline workers movements. We will explore the importance of convergence building among grassroots movements in order to promote a Just Transition and to achieve real systemic changes.