Expect the Unexpected: A multi-media direct action storytelling performance

Expect the Unexpected is a vibrant 45 minute one-man show that takes your hand and brings you through a multi-media experience of one of Europe’s most iconic direct actions. Inspired by Ende Gelende -- the successful 5,000 person mass direct-action camp that has marked a turning point among the European climate movement -- this performance presents such mobilizations as the “epics” of our age, poetically bringing the stories of climate resistance onto scale with the climate crisis. The performance shares with it’s audience: the rush of a thousand people running into the dust of a lignite coal mine, and the fear of confronting charging police lines, the joys of finding lost comrades and the passion of those who lock their bodies onto railroad tracks. "Expect the Unexpected" uses its immersive format to directly engage the audience in horizontal affinity group decision making processes, allowing viewers to get a look “behind the scenes” of not only the action but also it’s organizing and action consensus. Despite the theatrics, this captivating performance is not just a show - it is an organizing tool that is being used across Europe to engage new audiences into experiencing the collective transformation that can come from stepping outside of one’s comfort zones.