hackAIR – Citizen Science in Air Quality – How can people contribute to data availability

Air pollution and climate change are closely linked, although both have traditionally been dealt with in very separate discussions. Yet, their connections and associated impacts are very real. Moreover, measures to protect the climate and air pollution often overlap or complement each other in practice.

hackAIR is a research project that wants to create more awareness about air pollution by giving citizens tools to measure air quality themselves and contribute to a denser map of air quality data.

hackAIR users can use low-cost sensors and a mobile app to estimate the particulate matter concentration in the atmosphere. They can then upload this data into a database and view it on a map that puts citizen data in context with official monitoring data.

By using hackAIR, citizens can explore the quality of the air they breathe even in areas with no official air quality measurements. They learn about air quality and gain experience in gathering data themselves. They are also introduced to tips of the day and personalized recommendations, which allow them to become more aware and ultimately adjust their behavior.