Jeopardizing Environmental Regulation in Brazil: Legislation Change and the Impacts on the NDCs

Since the beginning of 2017, approximately 25 Law Propositions to rend environmental legislation and regulation on land use and acquisition flexible have been brought to the Congress plenary by members of the Brazilian Legislative representing the agri-mining-business interests. Careless about land degradation and land rights and comprimising the NDCs submitted in 2015, those propositions put in jeopardy more than 32 million hectares of directly and sustainably used conservation land. In parallalel, thousands of people living in and from this land are experiencing constant threats to their territorial, cultural and human rights. Facing potential harms to environmental and territorial rights, the panel intends to discuss:
The jeopardization of Environmental Justice and Land Conservation by the Legislative and the Agribusiness Sector(Maureen Santos - Heinrich Boll Stiftung Brazil)
Analysis of the Brazilian NDCs - measurements and compliance compromised (Camila Moreno - Independent researcher)
Resistance and Contributions on the Ground - Representative of the Amazonian Social Movements (TBA)
Political and Environmental Advocacy - Representative of the #Resista Articulation (TBA)