Keep multinationals out of Agriculture – we can feed ourselves

African Agriculture is the new frontier for MNCs. Investments into agriculture in not Africa is too modernise rather, its about a access to new markets. This is about corporate capture of our food systems! But more importantly, given that industrial agriculture emit 13% of global emissions - why attempt to impose "agro-industry model of agriculture in Africa where there is a history of farmer-managed seed systems, of traditional knowledge? where agro-ecological growing? why tractors, more fertilizers? African farmers don't need debt! We require a different system of support and fair trade.
In this session women farmers will present case studies that allow African women farmers/ peasants speak on their experiences (from several countries) that illustrate the role of African Governments in facilitating the Green Revolution in the Africa, AGRA and other false solutions for agriculture in Africa.
Speakers from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland etc.