Not coal, and definitely not gas: a space to learn about and strategise on how to fight fossil gas

While the fight against coal is soaring, gas is still being described as a "clean" fuel that will enable our energy transition. New gas infrastructure is being developed in Europe, stimulating gas extraction in Northern Africa, the Middle East, the US, etc. Join us to lean about the fight against gas and strategise on how to stop gas at COP and in the years to come!
This workshop will be divided in two parts. It will first explore the climate impacts of gas, and how the oil&gas industry is actively lobbying for new fossil gas infrastructure to be built. Gas is not just a climate issue – we will also see how the fight against gas is a fight for democracy, for safety, for land rights, for transparency. The workshop will then become a space to discuss and strategise together.
We will breakout into groups according to interest:
- share and develop the opportunities to talks and act against gas at COP23,
- learn about the many struggles against gas and how to support them,
- learn how to be involved in the fight against gas and along supply chains.

If there is anything else you need from us, please don't hesitate to let
me/us know.
I hope the organisation is going well