Stories of Change: Sustainable Food for the People and the Planet

Screening of the documentary "Stories of Change: Sustainable food for the people and the planet", bringing together 10 stories of citizens from different countries. Voices of personal choices for daily sustainable food consumption and production.
The documentary has been developed in the context of the project "Change for the planet - Care for the people": a joint effort within the CIDSE network together with allies from all continents to call for a radical change in people's lifestyle as well as for policies that could support such a shift to bring towards a more just and sustainable world. The project has been highly inspired by the Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'. We believe in the power of stories and the enormous contribution of people's daily choices to address over consumption and bring about climate justice for all.
The screening will be followed by a short workshop that aims to reflect on some of the key messages of the documentary, with the presence of a diverse number of actors/partners/allies bringing different perspectives.