Storytelling for Change: How we relate to “our” Natural Resources

Climate change is damn real and we are all in it together, being a part
of the cause as well as the consequences. But most of us fail to explain
its dramatic complexity to people around the globe to get the greedy
fossil economy stopped. With their impressive art-based project, "The
True Cost of Coal", a 5 to 2,50 meter huge mosaic poster, the Beehive
Collective tells the complex story of coal and industrialization.
„The True Cost of Coal“ depicts an endless amount of our own connections
to natural resource exploitation and how deep it is rooted in our society. At the same time, the banner celebrates the diverse history of organized resistance, the
courage of communities and the struggles for land, livelihood and
self-determination. After all, it is also about the future, about
alternatives, remediation and regeneration. The beautiful story-based
graphics inspire many people around the world to take action on saving
the land, the people and the planet we love.
Together, we will retell the story of our own relation to "natural resources" and
extractivism, environment and community, our history and how we
collectively shape the future.