Voices from Colombia – home of the world’s largest coal mine

The world's largest coal mine Cerrejón is situated in La Guajira, which is
one of the driest regions of Colombia. Cerrejón is negatively impacting the
everyday lives of the indigenous populations - among other the Wayúu - and
the Afro-Colombian population in the La Guajira. The mine consumes the
majority of the available water resource in the area, and the soil and
water left for the locals are polluted. As the mine expands to extract even
more coal, more communities are forced to leave their homes, and rivers are
redirected. The latter has sparked a local campaign "Paremos La Mina" to
put focus on the negative consequences these river diversions have.

Jakeline Epiayú, a wayúu, who engages politically and socially in the
against the world's largest coal mine 'Cerrejón' - will tell you the
concrete case of La Guajira in Colombia.

This will be put into a larger (global) extractive context through
discussion with Lyda Forero, who has worked on the topic both from the
perspective of the environmental impacts and the links to the trade and
investment model.