Women for Climate Justice: a workshop for building strategies

Proposed solutions to climate change, like Climate Smart Agriculture, REDD+ and carbon markets have strong impacts on women in the global south, in addition to be false solutions to the climate crisis. Meanwhile, local communities are mitigating climate change or adapting to it by either recovering ancient practices or developing new ones. Women have a crucial role in recovering, maintaining and developing these practices. This workshop will bring together women from different organizations and geographies to share our experiences in facing false solutions to climate change, to build knowledge on what we are doing in terms of alternatives - First we will share perspectives on false solutions and local actions that have substantial impact on mitigation and adaption to climate change. We will assess what kind of knowledge we need to spread about strategies for addressing the climate crisis. Second, we will develop action strategies of movement building/strengthening and of advocacy and collaboration between organizations on local, national and international level.

This workshop is supported by Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, in collaboration with GenderCC and LIFE.